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Rotatek Offset Printing Presses

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ROTATEK S.A. was founded in 1972 and today it is a leading company in the manufacture of rotary printing presses and complementary equipment. Since 1978 we have been exporting our range of machines to the five continents. Approximately 100 highly qualified and motivated people work in our modern factory and offices using the latest production methods. Our products are constantly being adapted to the evolution of the Graphic Arts market.

During its first years of existence, Rotatek gained a high regard in the sector of narrow web commercial and business forms printing. Today, it is one of the leaders in this field. The continuous development of new technologies and production processes has allowed us to enter into the flexography field. We now offer a range of rotary flexographic machines for printing labels, films and flexible packaging, light carton, etc.


The Universal is a variable repeat offset sleeve press where each printing unit is equipped with interchangeable lightweight sleeves. The variable repeat is obtained by changing only the plate and blanket sleeve, so the web is not broken and is an extremely easy and quick system.

The sleeves are patented by Rotatek's unique design of creating ring bearers to support high printing pressure that cannot be replicated by any other manufacturer. A simpler mechanical locking design also allows for quicker change over without the need of air positioning.

The universal is a fully automatic inking, register and tension control system. Full servo motors allow individual control of the units to obtain perfect register and size even with the most difficult substrates for offset quality.

  • Patented Ring Bearing sleeve (a Rotatek creation) with flexible format repeat
  • Environmentally friendly UV or EB inks
  • Films, BOPP, PET, PVC (12-400 microns)
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Self Adhesive Labels
  • Folding Carton (up to 400 gr/m2)
  • Aluminum
  • Paper


The Brava is a Semi-rotary and Full Rotary press printing in wet offset for the production of high quality labels. The combination of the two impression technologies gives the best possibility for the printing of short, medium or long runs with a maximum profitability.

The Semi-rotary system covers the printing of formats from 120 mm up top 350 mm without the need to change the print cassette or other element giving an immediate benefit in set-up time, and a reduction in waste during running. With a print width of 420 mm, and a running speed of 70 metres/minute in Semi-Rotary mode and 150 metres/minute in full rotary mode, this is the most productive press on the market.

The Brava guarantees a maximum print quality by using wet offset print combined with a maximum precision thanks to the latest generation of servo driven Shaft-less drive technology.


The Combi offset printing press is suitable for printing labels, flexible packaging, commercial printing and more. The Combi has a modular design that permits a totally variable composition, not only of the flexo and offset printing units but also a wide range of other printing, processing and in-line finishing operations.

It combines in-line the advantages of flexo and offset printing and permits all kinds of custom made configurations, combining flexo and offset with other printing, converting and finishing. There are practically no limits for the configuration of the narrow web COMBI press, whether for the production of labels, cartons, mailings, commercial printing, flexible film or any other complex printing process.

The basic equipment of the machine consists of unwind, web guide device, flexo and offset printing units, rotary die-cutting unit, matrix rewind, video web inspection and rewind. Additional equipment that suits your individual production needs will be added.


The Newflex press is Rotatek's first flexographic machine for the label, packaging, plastics etc. printing industry and includes the latest technology. The Newflex offers flexibility, easy access and quick size changes for the best printing and finishing quality. Thanks to its modular construction and the possibility of integrating a series of in-line processing and finishing modules (silkscreen printing, laminating, cold foil stamping, etc.) the Newflex is the ideal machine for all kinds of printing jobs.


  • Possibility of integrating from 1 to 14 printing units and 1-6 die-cutting units
  • Web guide device
  • Flexographic printing units with closed ink-tray, peristaltic ink pump, fast and easy pneumatic adjustment of plate and anilox roller, 360 º circumferencial register
  • Flexographic printing units with closed ink-tray, peristaltic ink pump, fast and easy pneumatic adjustment of plate and anilox roller, 360 º circumferencial register
  • Die-cutting unit with 360º circumferencial register, lateral registration, motorized waste rewinder with electronic tension control. The die-cutting unit works with the top or reverse side of the paper.


The Ecoflex press combines the flexographic printing technology with the advantages of the cassette system to get fast job changeovers. The Ecoflex has a modular conception that allows the variable composition of the flexo printing units and other in-line printing, processing and finishing elements. Moreover, the Ecoflex is a high quality machine at a very competitive price.

  • Possibility of printing and processing a wide range of materials, from flexible film to light cardboard
  • Manufacturing of an extensive variety of products, such as self-adhesive labels, wet glue labels, in-mould labels, sleeves, films, cartons, etc.
  • Quick job changes thanks to the removable cassette system
  • Maximum flexibility due to the interchangeability of the cassettes between printing units
  • During the make ready of the machine, the use of tools is not necessary
  • High functionality and ergonomic design of the machine with individual control panels in each printing unit, as well as a main control panel before the delivery of the finished product.

RK Perfect NT:

The new RK Perfect NT "shaftless" is the result of the development of the gearless transmission between printing, processing and finishing units. This rotary press prints high quality commercial jobs, business forms, labels, etc. at a very high speed enabling the printer to achieve an excellent productivity. The RK Perfect NT is a modular variable size press which can be equipped with up to 12 printing units and a variety of other in-line processes (varnishing, perforating, die-cutting, etc.) for working with different substrates, from paper (allows a wide margin of paper weights) to light cardboard or film. Quick register, register stability, paper waste reduction, easy handling and no tools required for job set up are only some of the outstanding advantages of the RK Perfect NT.

RC3 Sprint Collator:

The Rotatek RC Sprint machine is a new concept of modular collator, providing production flexibility and the possibility of carbon or other inserts from the reel or pack depending on the production requirements.

The Sprint collator is based on the experience of the Rotatek RC collators and the manufacture and installation of over 300 units. The RC Sprint can collate up to a maximum of nine reels. It will handle reels to a maximum of 500 mm and runs at a maximum speed of 170 m/min.

The Sprint Collator is of a modular design and is able to accommodate a wide range of accessories including: flexi-locking systems, file hole punching, special perforating, die-cutting, credit card dispensing and many more.

Pack Collator:

Modular design with options for numbering unit, file hole unit, tape-flex unit, cold glue, envelope gluing, additional cross perforation, etc.
High production machine due to its spiral folder and delivery table.
Handles all kinds of paper and offers the possibility to interleaving carbon webs.
Without any doubt the most productive pack collator in the market.

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