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Rotatek Combi


The Combi offset printing press is suitable for printing labels, flexible packaging, commercial printing and more. The Combi has a modular design that permits a totally variable composition, not only of the flexo and offset printing units but also a wide range of other printing, processing and in-line finishing operations.

It combines in-line the advantages of flexo and offset printing and permits all kinds of custom made configurations, combining flexo and offset with other printing, converting and finishing. There are practically no limits for the configuration of the narrow web COMBI press, whether for the production of labels, cartons, mailings, commercial printing, flexible film or any other complex printing process.

The basic equipment of the machine consists of unwind, web guide device, flexo and offset printing units, rotary die-cutting unit, matrix rewind, video web inspection and rewind. Additional equipment that suits your individual production needs will be added.

The Combi offset rotary press with variable format combines in line the advantages of offset and flexo printing, allowing any type of composition according to the client, with the combination of various printing elements (Offset, Flexo, Serigraphy, gravure etc.), processing (die cutting, hot and cold stamping, embossing) and finish (web, sheeter, etc.). There are no limits to the configuration of the Combi rotary press narrow web, be it for the production of any type of labels, covers, flexible films and other products requiring a complex printing process.

The fundamental press is made of unwinder, web centering equipment, flexo and offset printing units, cold stamping, hot stamping, die cutting, video camera and rewinder. On this basis, we create the configuration that fits the client's production needs best.

  1. Unwind: For reels of 1.000mm diameter or 1.270mm as an option. It includes a web guide device and tension control. It can also include other options such as a web cleaner, corona treater, etc.

  2. Offset Printing Unit: Equipped with three ink form rollers and an increased inking battery for better quality printing.

  3. Offset Inking System: Blade inking system with motorized ink agitator for UV inks. Optionally, ink regulation could be adjusted from the independent control desk.

  4. Chilled Rollers: For printing on dimensionally unstable materials at higher temperatures including films.

  5. Cold Stamping Units: Allows high speed working at a very economical cost. The glue pattern can be applied with an Offset or Flexo Printing Unit.

  6. Flexo Printing Unit: It can incorporate an open or closed inking system for backgrounds and varnish

  7. UV and Hot Air Dryers: UV dryers are available with different power levels depending on the application required. Hot air dryers are necessary when inks and water based glues are applied for special applications

  8. Video Camera System, Matrix Rewinder and Cutting unit: Module for the mounting of the video camera for web inspection, removal and rewinding of the waste matrix, and length slitting unit.

  9. Touch Screen Control Desk: Easy and simple way of controlling all the priting machine functions, including inking systems, UV dryers, print register, etc.

  10. Rotary Die-Cutting with sheeter delivery: Using a rotary die-cutting unit mounted at the end of the machine for die-cutting paper labels on to a vacuum delivery table. It is also possible to include embossing units, hot stamping units, perforating wheels, etc.

  11. Laminating Unit: For laminating with an adhesive plastic or through the application of a glue sensitive to UV radiation.

  12. Sheeting Unit and Rewinder: Consists of a rotary cutting unit with format change through gear change and a high pile system with automatic change. The rewind unit is for reels up to 1.000 / 1.270 mm diameter depending on the model.


  • Delam - Relamination Unit for printing on adhesive
  • Silkscreen printing unit
  • Hot stamping unit
  • Embossing unit
  • Turn Bars
  • Zig-Zag Fan Folders
  • Scanner for a Second Pass Printing
  • Modem for on-line diagnostics, etc.
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