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Macfer Robotic Camera Inspection

Modern finishing for modern times:

Our technology can handle all commercial and industrial bags. We can verify the quality and finishing of the bottom (shape and adhesion) and with handle bags inspect the handle profile, (defective weld, breakage of the handle, etc...). This means you can guarantee the quality of the bags shipped to avoid claims.

The MAC 100 is a flexible system that adapts to different size bags automatically. The robot adjusts the machine format (from the smallest to largest bags). Various programmed sizes can be stored and immediately recalled through the touch screen that automatically re-calibrates the system for fast changeover;.

Tailored to your business:

Regardless of what model you have from Garant, Newlong, Weber, Holweg, Beasley (or other model) we can tailor the delivery from the end of the bag machine into the MAC 100.

Camera inspection system is designed to focus inspection on regions of client's concerns. The inspection sensitivity can be calibrated per job.

Our system has three stages of pressing to remove the air. The first pressing at the outlet of the delivery drum from the bag machine. The second pressing area is when the robot fills the box with packets, and the third just before sealing the box. We can shrink wrap or band exact bag counts according to your needs.

When you add it up, Macfer increases your bottom line for sustain ability and growth.

Five Unique Advantages:

  1. Eliminate workers at the end of line (usually 1-2 workers per shift)
  2. Increases production while increasing employee safety from ergonomic issues.
  3. Guarantees the quality of all bags shipped.
  4. Reduces raw material costs through a three stage bag pressing system that reduces the size or corrugated box count by increasing packing volume efficiency by 20%-30% (averaged).
  5. Decrease shipping costs saved from volume and weight efficiency. This is one of the highest cost reductions with our customers next to labor costs.

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