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LR Mo-dos Mono Meter Dispense System


The pumping principle for the modos 200 is based on accuracy of volume, driven by a variable speed motor which directly sucks adhesive fromthe 200 kg drum.
The unit design consists of two different elements:

  1. a drum turning device that incoporates part of the heating process
  2. unit incorporating the support for the metering pump, the second heating, the exit to the hose and the electronic control equipment.
  • Accurate and reliable CNC computer and construction
  • Production monitoring
  • g/m2 caculations
  • Non-piston pump design
  • Production data reports
  • Adhesive in drum does not spoil

Unique Features:

The Mo-dos has a unique design completely different than any other dispensing systems available today. There is no need to use the drum upright for allowing the entry of a heated piston because the mo-dos does not operate with piston pumps. By tilting the drum with a turning device (included) and a fast heating system that only warms the adhesive needed, cumbersome conventional systems based on a heated plunger, piston pumps with sealing plates, are no longer necessary.

3 Simple steps to meter:

  1. Insure the correct ratio is consistently supplied to the nozzle to maintain correct bond strength.
  2. In-line g/m2 calculation function, once calibrated, gives the operator a continuous g/m2 usage of adhesive showing the right amount of adhesive applied to the web.
  3. Without too much or too little adhesive you get better bonds, less orange peel (clearer lamination) and faster bonds.
  4. Bi-2 can reduce adhesive cost without over application of adhesive.
  • Industrial PLC platform for trouble free PC
  • Easy to clean design, hoses and tanks
  • Easy integrated touch screen operator interface
  • Double temperature control for security
  • Stainless steel construction

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