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KYMC Coating and Laminating:


KYMC has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing world class coating and laminating machinery for the flexible packaging industry. We understand completely the requirements in today's production environment the demands required. The SL Series Solventless Laminator is a member of our Coating & Laminating line. The production line that comes from our high end engineering and state of the art design for superior machine performance. Excellent quality and high production speed operation at extremely low noise level and low operating cost.

The new solventless duplex laminator is a compact and easy to use machine, it contains some of the most advanced features for quick change and fast set up, such as shaft-less chucking on unwind and rewind, sleeve system for coating roller, job memory (recipes) with auto machine pre-setting etc. This machine is designed for one man operation.

A European made adhesive mixing and dispensing unit is supplied with the machine. Options available are non stop unwind, non stop rewind and Corona treater.

KYMC offers a wide range of laminating equipment from simple, duplex and triplex combi options. Innovative designed laminating machine to handle a wide range of lamination requirements. Coating heads are trolley design, suitable for direct gravure coating and lamination with solvent or water base adhesive, four roll coating and lamination with solvent-free adhesive. Machine equipped with latest AC vector drives and PLC interface with touch screen operation.

Options available include cold seal coating in register, duplex and triplex lamination , inline printing , corona treatment and non-stop unwind / rewind.

Machine Automation:

  • AC vector drives on coating station, lamination nip, rewind with auto speed and tension control.
  • Centralized control and monitoring system with clear structured graphic for easy operation.
  • Machine functions are PLC controlled, user friendly touch screen operation.
  • Job memory (Recipes) with auto machine pre-setting for coating weight and running tension.

Coating Station:

Cantilever design sleeve system on coating roller for quick change. Heating unit with auto temperature controls is supplied. The oscillating adhesive feeding device is integrated with the machine. Exhaust system eliminates emission of fume during production. Safety features meet CE and OSHA standard.

Unwind and Rewind:

  • Newly designed shaft-less chucking system, easy and simple to operate.
  • Automatic edge guide on 2nd unwind is included.
  • Memory of tension parameter for each job as well as the total metres (footage).
  • Electro-magnetic brake on unwind with auto tension control.
  • AC vector drive on rewind with auto tension control.
  • Non stop unwind and rewind are available as optional.

The Combi:

The combi model is a versatile machine, combining a series of different coating and lamination techniques, starting from the basic operation of dry and solventless lamination for either duplex or triplex lamination, up to multi-layer f lamination inline with different coating or printing process. The innovative designs allow this machine to handle wide range of coating and lamination requirement.

Our exclusive working process management system can organize various processes into groups with auto machine presetting for quick set up of each process. Coating head can be trolley design to save space and is available for the following coating method:

  • Direct Gravure or Reverse Gravure Coating
  • Offset Gravure Coating
  • Flexo or Semi-Flexo Coating
  • Four Roller Coating

Combi Applications:

  • Solvent base lamination
  • Solventless lamination
  • Rotogravure printing
  • Water base lamination
  • PVDC coating
  • Flexo printing
  • Cold seal coating in register
  • Varnishing in register
  • Hot-melt coating

Standard Features: (pending model)

  • Automatic tension and line speed control
  • Auto fault diagnostics with modem service support
  • Automatic mixer and dispenser for solvent-free adhesive
  • High efficiency drying system for dry bond or wet bond operation
  • Cantilevered sleeve design for coating roller or impression roller solvent-free application
  • Automatic edge guiding system integrated with machine.
  • Automatic edge position control on second or third (pending model) unwind
  • Independent temperature control on coating and lamination nip
  • PLC software with operator friendly touch screen and job memory store
  • Modern AC vector drives on coating and lamination
  • High efficiency drying system for maximum operation speed
  • Floor pick up , shaftless chucking system on all unwinds and rewind
  • Gravure trolley for dry bond application
  • Semi-flexo trolley for wet bond application
  • Electric line shaft with AC vector drives.
  • Machine functions are PLC or PC controlled, user friendly touch screen operation.
  • Auto fault diagnostic with modem service support.
  • Shaftless chucking on unwind and rewind.
  • Job memory (Receipts) with auto machine presetting.
  • Safety features meet CE and OSHA standard.

Options Available:

  • Corona treater
  • Non stop unwind and rewind
  • Gas, steam, oil, UV or Infrared drying

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1150 fpm

1150 fpm


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1000 mm



1000 mm


1000 mm


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