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KYMC Coating and Laminating:


With over 30 years of experience advancing technology in gravure printing, KYMC announces it's lates development, the DPM and shaftless GT series. Taking our collection of design improvements, the two presses offer fully automatic operation, fast change over with minium down-time. The two presses have excellent short-run flexibility with full range of packaging materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene (BOPP, CPP), Polyester, Cello films, laminated films and various paper substrates.

  • Web guiding system
  • Auto register controller
  • Ink recirculating system
  • Ink viscosity controller
  • Reversible printing unit
  • Split printing
  • Web scanner
  • Inline cold - seal coating
  • Inline coating & lamination

Control Center

  • Control and regulation with most advanced electronic technology
  • Programmable controller for sequential controls
  • Preset of print repeat for automatic line speed control
  • Fault diagnosis on main drive control

Drying Section

  • Double-faced drying chamber for high efficiency of drying at high speed
  • HIgh velocity hot air injected through slotted nozzles
  • Individual exhaust for extracting solvent laden air
  • Chain for web threading

Printing Station

  • Heavy constructed cast iron machine frame for vibration free operation during high speed
  • Shaftless chucking system of plate cylinder or shaft type with quick release clamp device is available on request
  • Pneumatic operation system of impression cylinder and doctor blade as well as opening of drying chamber
  • Motorized register control activated through precise ball screw system

Doctor Blade Design

  • Rigid doctor blade design with pneumatic lock ensures absolute uniformity of ink transfer
  • Adjustable in three directions providing wide and accurate adjustment of the doctor blade working position
  • Easy accessible for cleaning or blade change without using tools

Flying Splice Unwind and Rewind

  • Shaft or shaftless flying splice unwind and rewind units for automatic reel changeover at full speed.
  • Fully automatic tension control using pneumatic dancer roller.
  • Automatic pre-setting of tension from operator's interface.
  • Roll loading and unloading units are available as option.


  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene (BOPP, CPP)
  • Polyester
  • Cello films
  • Laminated films
  • Various paper substrates
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