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Visit us @ CPP Expo Chicago Oct. 31st - Nov. 3rd #8827

Note: We will be posting our "Smart 10m" Presentation Schedule next week (8/25).
  • Paper and Plastic Bag Machines by Garant

  • Paper and Plastic Pouch Machines by Pro Doing

  • Advanced Robotic and Camera Inspection Bag Packer by Macfer

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Five Smart Reasons to visit Garant: [Servo Bag Machines]

  1. Offers one of the fastest change over setups in the industry replaces numerous machines
  2. New 2010 Matador NSL offers single and twin stream flat/satchel bag production
  3. Configure In-line flexo with various window attachments
  4. Servo driven paper bag machines offer flat or rope handle fast change overs
  5. High-Speed Polyrex Servo Plastic Carrier bag machines with Die Cut or Loop Handles

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Five Smart Reasons to visit Macfer: [Robotic Inspection and Packing]

  1. Eliminate labor costs at the end of line
  2. Increases bag machine speed/production while increasing employee safety
  3. Guarantee the quality of your product
  4. 20-30% reduction in raw shipping box material costs
  5. 20-30% increase in shipping volume efficiency

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Six Smart Reasons to visit Pro Doing: [Stand-up/Zipper/Pouch Machines]

  1. The best quality to cost ratio machines designed for today's competitive market
  2. Low-risk new business development with competitive introductory models
  3. Fast, dual stream stand-up plowed, in-bottom, gusset and zipper pouch production
  4. Full line of servo center, two, three, four and five sealing machines - laminates or Co-Ex films
  5. Zipper device-press to close and slider options
  6. Affordable Medical Bag machine with side seal and cutter

Come see why Novaflex offers complete line of smart equipment for smarter products in the converting and packaging industry. Call 630-681-9900 or e-mail us for more information and schedule an appointment with company representatives at the expo.

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