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Matador Macfer100 ProDoing

The NovAdvantage Support:

After twenty-eight years of experience in the flexo, gravure, offset, laminating and converting industries, Novaflex has high efficiency in troubleshooting with customers and diagnosing issues. Novaflex draws on years of experience representating Anderson & Vreeland, ATN, Bobst Group, DCM, Drent Goebel, Rotatek, Holweg, (W&H) Garant, Padane and Schiavi (P&S America), Reilly Lake Shore Graphics, Porter & Dugas, Tresu and Molded Rubber Plate Corporation.

Our warehaouse carries common wear and tear parts for equipment and we have suppliers we can source for repair and replacement. We also act as the liason for our represented machinery suppliers to coordinate diagnosis and logistics of part replacements in an expedited manner. <

For more than 28 years Novaflex maintains customer privacy and does not share corporation/plant operations or projects with other corporations/plants. Instead Novaflex's long tenure in the industry contributes to our customer's growth by troubleshooting and recommending technical ideas during the review process if available.

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