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Matador Macfer100 ProDoing

About Rotatek S.A.:

ROTATEK S.A. was founded in 1972 and today it is a leading company in the manufacture of rotary printing presses and complementary equipment. Since 1978 Rotatek has been exporting their range of machines worldwide. Approximately 100 highly qualified and motivated people work in our modern factory and offices using the latest production methods. Their products are constantly being adapted to the evolution of the Graphic Arts market.

During its first years of existence, Rotatek gained a high regard in the sector of narrow web commercial and business forms printing. Today, it is one of the leaders in this field. The continuous development of new technologies and production processes has allowed us to enter into the flexography field. We now offer a range of rotary flexographic machines for printing labels, films and flexible packaging, light carton, etc.

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