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Matador Macfer100 ProDoing

About Pro Doing:

Since it's establishment in 1991, PRO DOING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has concentrated on their efforts towards the design and manufacture of equipment for flexible packing pouches. Their product range includes slitting, center-sealing, cutting and pouch-making machines.

Due to today's technological innovation, Pro Doing has outstanding performance in the field to meet the demands of customer's diverse applications.

To meet our customers' needs, Pro Doing breaks from the convention of acting as a simple manufacturer, and aims at becoming a multiple-service supplier to be more competitive in the industrial market. For that purpose, Pro Doing combines researching and developing efforts with our professional-trained employees to achieve complete and well-integrated management and service.

Pro Doing Industrial Co. is a professional team for bag making machines in industrial manufacturing. Pro Doing has dedicated themselves to this field for decades. Creation and quality is spirit and welcome ideas from clients to provide more efficient advancement.

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